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Give your young athletes “the possibility to dream big”palla-calcio-chi-siamo

Raise the quality at the base to build solid clubs that can look to the future with serenity, drawing directly from their youth section and proposing more often their deserving athletes to professional clubs.
Accademia Italia is not a sports association, but the first sports training school in Italy. Unique in its kind, has a clear mission: to bring within the amateur sports organizations basic education through the use of qualified professional instructors, ready to work in teams on the fields of the individual clubs, thus ensuring the company the two possibilities the growth of its athlete and their coach.
With a staff that includes within professional coaches Master Uefa A, Uefa B, athletic trainers graduates professionals in Physical Education, as well as the Italian Football Coaches top section of Como and Sondrio, Italy Academy created an educational program targeted education and Younger athletes, without this in any way contrasts the sense of belonging to their local club. Our target? The “Base”: Football Schools and youth section.

Accademia Italia works on your field, with your athletes and your coaches guaranteeing a fixed presence, sharing teaching and proposing periodic checks. Each lesson will be a time of growth for the athletes, the coaching staff and the Club. Instructors of Accademia Italia, not surprisingly, are an active part of school projects together with professional Football Club. Suggest to your own Club only the best!

All instructors Accademia Italia must sign and pursuing a rigorous code of ethics, in order to transfer the athletes you work with. Professionals also in education.
Accademia Italia regularly organizes internal tournaments, among the affiliated clubs. opportunities to meet and advancement verification in the stage of learning for young players.

A representative of the best elements of the Accademia Italia affiliates clubs, take part regularly in friendly matches against professional club tournaments, to give the opportunity to the most deserving elements to showcase their quality.
The quality of the project combined with names that have shaped the history of the Lombard and Italian football, ensure a positive impact on the territory, in terms of enrollment, appeal and image. Partnerships with professional clubs are heading in this direction with periodic appointments in the field.

The affiliated clubs of Accademia Italia, will have all the marketing tools needed to penetrate effectively the territory and the reference catchment area. Website, flyers, open day organization, start-up party, end of year party

The summer campus, always organized in nearby towns, respecting the needs of families, giving to young people taking part in the project an opportunity to spend weeks in which training, entertainment, sports, entertainment and education will alternate with moments of “work” on field. All with the convenience of being able to return home every evening.

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