253517_2066752678891_1238706_nAccademia Italia is the first sports training school in Italy. And that’s not all. With the aim of increasing sports clubs with a view to increasing competence and quality, Accademia Italia is today a real global service.

Each one of the services offered has been thought and designed in every detail, thanks to a long experience in the field. Each company and family has the ability to contact Accademia Italia for each of the individual proposals here, to test the reality and goodness of the proposed services, benefiting from time and cost savings, as well as a quality and an absolute competence in dealing the topics listed below:

Training young athletes
Training coaches
Leadership development
• Goalkeepers school
Consultancy, medical assistance and physiotherapy
• Coaches recruiting service
Training aspiring coaches
Private lessons with personal coach
Auditions at professional clubs
Consultancy for federal cards
• Local summer campus
• Summer campus in sea and mountain resorts
• Discounted purchase center for technical equipment
• Athletic training customized preseason programs
• Individual athletic training programs
Websites, calendars, banners and newspapers for sports clubs